What is CERTIFIX©?

CERTIFIX© is a unique software programme for an electronic verification of fulfillment of requirements for identification and evidence of ownership structure of legal persons up to their beneficial owners.

What is to a COMPANY a certification via CERTIFIX good for?

If you as a company or any other legal person certify your ownership structure via CERTIFIX software, you will get:

  • TransparencyID for the whole ownership structure, and
  • CertifixID for each controlling corporate subject in the ownership structure.

What is to an INSTITUTION a certification via CERTIFIX good for?

If a company submits to a public or financial institution a certification in the form of TransparencyID and CertifixID performed via CERTIFIX software, the public or financial institution will:

  • have at its disposal for free at any time the certified ownership structure for visualisation, including the relevant evidencing documents, and
  • be certain that the certified company has a transparent ownership structure up to the beneficial owner(s) complying with the relevant EU and Czech laws (see their list here [link])

Legal notice: CERTIFIX © Software is an object of protection of copyright laws and other laws protecting intellectual property according to the Certification Terms & Conditions and other related conditions. The name Certifix as well as TransparencyID, CertifixID, CXID.EU a TXID.EU are in addition registered as trade marks at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).