You are a COMPANY

Learn more about how COMPANY can use the Sandbox.

What is the Sandbox?

The Sandbox allows for a disclosure of one or more ownership structures up to the beneficial owner(s) and identification of evidencing documents by which subjects, interests and other elements of ownership structures shall be proven. You can use the Sandbox for FREE to try to disclose a corporate ownership structure up to the beneficial owner(s).

How can COMPANIES use the Sandbox?

COMPANY can use the Sandbox for free for a period of three months for a trial disclosure of its own ownership structure and/or identification of evidencing documents about the ownership structure which it needs for certification of its ownership structure via CERTIFIX. The Sandbox enables the company to decide whether to opt for certification or not.

If a COMPANY does not ask for certification via CERTIFIX within 3 months, it has to start paying for the use of the Sandbox. The price for the company for the continuous use of Sandbox after the expiry of the initial 3 months free period is indicated in the currently valid Pricelist.